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Online services for the jobless

It has occured to me in the past that I should be doing more here to provide a service for other unemployed people. As this is such a problem these days a blog like this would be most useful if it served as a kind of hub for people looking for work. Well, I think this can be considered a start.

I received an e-mail during the week from a crowd who published this article online. In their words, it’s 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources to Help You Survive Without a Job. They argued that readers of this blog might find it interesting and I agree. Most of the services and information comes from an American perspective, but much of its appeal is universal and and of value to people on this side of the pond. I think I’ll link it in my blogroll later. In the meantime, enjoy it here.

I’ve been too lazy to examine every link listed (though they have listed me so they can’t be that bad). If anybody finds anything illegitimate let me know, though it all seems above board to me.