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A rejection letter just in case you were thinking of asking us for a job

Recently I wrote a somewhat whiney post about a receiving a rejection letter that upset me. Now, however, my experiences with rejection letters are getting surreal.

I was sent an e-mailing stating, “You applied for my role in Customer Service area just recently. Unfortunately this role has been closed and we won’t be able to proceed with your application at this stage.” Nothing I’m not used to, except that I never applied for this role. I’ve received so many rejection letters lately that they’re now being sent on spec.

Ok, this e-mail was obviously sent to me by mistake, but it’s still something of a coincidence that they sent a response to a job application to someone else who’s looking for a job. On the other hand, I suppose in this climate you throw a stone in the street and exceedingly likely you’ll hit a jobless person.


Rejection letters are now advising to give up all hope of getting a job

I received a letter this morning in response to a job application at a Carlow radio station. As I made the application many months ago I had long since abandoned any chance of getting the job, so I was somewhat surprised to get this letter.

Sure enough, it was the usual “thank you for your interest, we’ll keep your CV on file” bullshit. It did, however, offer some explanation on why I wasn’t offered a position. “In light of the present economic climate we have decided to fill the position from within our existing staff,” read the letter. Well, in light of the present economic climate, I can’t help but feel this is a massive slap in the face. Not only do we face massive competition for jobs from the thousands that have been hurled onto dole queues in recent times, we now have to contend with the few positions that are available being filled in-house.

Fair enough, the writer of this letter was only being honest. Radio stations are facing a loss of revenue just like everyone else and they have to watch their own bottom line. All the same, a bit of diplomacy might have helped. Is it too much to expect some consideration for those of us who have been most affected by this recession. I would have felt better had the writer of this letter never bothered their arse to send it to me.