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You’re gorgeous!

So my first Blog Awards has come to an end. In a sense, I shouldn’t have been there, as I didn’t make the shortlist. But I suppose anyone there who isn’t Tommy and was hoping to win the best newcomer gong was fooling themselves.

Still, I’m delighted I went. I learned that the guy behind Green Ink is an old college buddy (as ridiculous as this may sound, I had no idea), I got laughed at for opening a statement with “this may betray my nerdy side” (apparently my t-shirt had already taken care of that), and I won some sort of “Facebook phone” (at least I’m assured I won it. I won’t be certain until it lies in my hands). Above all I met lots of cool people, some of whom I’m a big fan of. And I got to see Rick O’Shea with no shirt.

I was more than happy Suzy won best blog. I’ve never said this out loud, but Maman Poulet was largely the blog that inspired me to start my own. Overall, it was a fantastic night. Thanks so much to Mulley for doing this.


The Irish Blog Awards: long-listed

The Unemployed Blog has found itself on the long list for two categories in the Irish Blog Awards, best newcomer and best personal blog. To be nominated at all is hugely gratifying. To know people actually like this stuff really makes the effort worthwhile. Thanks to whoever nominated me and to the judges who rated this blog. Cudos also go to Mulley for organising these events. It really brings forward blogging in this country.


Irish Blog Awards 2009

Just sent off me nominations for this year’s awards. You should too if you haven’t yet. Nominations are here (No, I’m not canvassing. Not at all).