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Political correctness gone mad or basic syntax (and sandwiches)

Do you know what pisses me right off? People who complain about political-correctness gone mad. Now I’m not saying folks don’t get overly sensitive every so often, but it seems that the people most annoyed by this are usually the ones who necessitated the onset of political-correctness to begin with.

I mention this as I caught a wee bit of Newstalk yesterday, finding that someone (in all honesty I can’t remember who it was) was filling in for Sean Moncrieff. This lad was doing an interview with an American soldier type who’s campaigning against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (the ruling whereby openly gay people can’t serve in the military). Somebody texted the show to complain about the repeated use of the word “gays” by the presenter. Rather indignantly, the he dismissed the comment by deliberately saying it again.

The trouble is, the texter was right. “Gays” is not merely offensive to whiney types, it’s also grammatically incorrect. “Gay” is an adjective, a description word. Its purpose is to qualify or modify nouns. To use an adjective as a noun is, therefore, in inherently subjective, and to describe people as such (gays, blacks, pakis, etc) immediately assumes them to be different from the norm somehow. That’s not PC sensitivity. That’s how grammar works.

I’m not saying this guy is a homophobe, and to be fair he’s not alone in this. Sky News regularly describes gay people as “gays”. My own opinion is that this started with Little Britain. I can understand the confusion, but I do think there should be some rule set up to prevent people who don’t get irony access to the airwaves.

This aside, you know what else pisses me off? Specialty shops that sell items not within their specialty. If I wanted a panini for lunch I wouldn’t have gone to a place called “The Bagel Bar” to get it.