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Mo money mo problems…

This morning I received a phone call from the Irish Examiner telling me they ran a piece of mine a few weeks back and I must set up an account in order for them to pay me. Confused, I declared that they’ve already paid me. “Really,” responded the bloke, “you name’s not on my list. Are you sure it wasn’t somebody else that paid you?” This was, in fact, exactly the mistake I was making. Seemingly suffering from a brief, highly specific level of amnesia, I forgot a distinction between the words “examiner” and “independent”. Of course I only realised this after the fact. Rather cheekily, I said to the guy on the phone, “if you want to pay me again go right ahead.”

Anyway, it was a nice surprise. I’d missed the piece when it ran so it was nice of them to chase me down to pay me. I’m sure whatever money I’ll get will be so tiny it almost won’t be worth the bother. But sure, it’s better than a kick from a horse, as they say.



I had me an article published today. See here if you don’t believe me.

Ok, it’s the Indo. I realise most bloggers have some issues with this publication, what with their copy-n-paste approach to journalism and all. But they did right by me. Well, the subs kinda screwed me as they cut out most of it and diluted the point of the article (that being the debate within the industry if a protest will damage their position). Nonetheless, my name is in print. I’m still unemployed, and I’m not likely to get much money for the piece, but at least I can honesty say I’m a freelancer now.