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Is this why I went to college? No, it is not!

I’ve been working today, cooking chips and flipping burgers. I’m doing it as a favour for someone over the bank holiday weekend. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. It’s undeniably true that I could really do with the money. I know it’s wrong to be so picky about jobs in this age, but I can’t help but feel I should be doing more. Even the part-time job I had in college was better than this.

Anyway, in light of this recession, I’ve decided my dog should choose how I vote in the elections next week. I’ve come to believe Frank is an excellent judge of character. When strangers come to the door, he usually offers them one of two receptions: low short growls just to remind them they’re being watched, or all-out barking as if to say, “turn around and fuck off back where you came from.” On the other hand, when my brother brought his girlfriend over for the first time, he was happy to lie quietly at her feet, panting contently and letting her pat his forehead (the dog, that is, not the brother). Clearly a good sign. As for the politicians, so far, every one of them who has come to the door has gotten the “fuck off” treatment.

I don’t bother to engage with them. I ignore completely the local, national and European bullshit they’re peddling. I don’t even bother to complain that I’ve spent almost a decade in college to flip burgers. I just see how controllable Frank is around them. The ones who don’t get him agitated are the ones who’ll get my vote. So far I’ve been left wanting.