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Éamon Ó Cuív will always love you

This has to the the best story of the day. Éamon Ó Cuív opened a can whup ass in Galway last night when some rowdy students got a litle too familiar.

His reason for the smack-down; he was protecting his secretary. Brilliant! “I think I was right to defend my secretary,” he claimed, “she was very, very upset because one of the protesters had a piece of timber.” Fuckin’ A!!! How bad-ass is this, in a strangely pathetic sort of way

Ó Cuív pointed out that it wasn’t the first time there was trouble. “It was the second time in a week that she had been intimidated by some of the same students because they forcibly entered my office last week. They occupied my office and there was only female staff there at the time.” Female staff, worry no more. Éamon ain’t gonna let you down again.

If I had been told a week ago that we have an action hero for a minister, I would have guessed Eamon Ryan. He’s the only one with the looks to pull it off. Possibly, this man might have gotten a mention, but I would never have thought of that Connemara blow-in who looks like a bank manager.

Anyway, I’m dedicating this to Éamon, ’cause it’s what I thought of when I read the story.