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Dublin, I hardly knew ye

It occurs to me that the world’s great cities need character. This might sound mighty pretentious, not least because I can’t define what I mean by ‘character’. Nonetheless, I’m certain all great cities have an atmosphere you can feel through your skin like the company of a good friend. New York, for instance, is the world’s great city as it’s the one with the most character. You feel the buzz of the place as soon as you leave the airport. Chicago, a place dear to my heart, also has a certain uniqueness about it. Even Galway, where I studied for four years, has a character guaranteed by its healthy population of students, musicians, hippies and sophisticated culchies.

I mention this as I’ve been living in Dublin for just over 7 months now and I still haven’t found anything that might be described as ‘character’. I’ve been searching for the Dublin that Joyce wrote about, or at least Damien Dempsey, but to no avail. This has ultimately lead me to leave the city.

Truth be told, the decision to leave was largely made for me, due to a change in circumstance (but I can’t really talk about that). But it would have been very possible to stay in Dublin. However, I thought to myself, “why bother?” There was nothing compelling me to stay, and so I got the train south.

For the moment I’m back at my folks’ place, but I know I’m going to get sick of this before too long as well. I’m not sure where I’ll go after that. I might move back to Galway, or I might leave the country altogether. Of course I could be convinced to return to Dublin if some position comes up, but I’ll be very slow to move back to the north side.


Who the fuck is Chris Brown?

I was wandering around the Grand Canal Quay this evening when I came to realise I was completely surrounded by obnoxious teenagers. They had the place infested, so they did. I was beginning to suspect the last rations of fake tan and Bacardi Breezers were coming into the port, but no, they were there to see some lad by the name of “Chris Brown”. Apparently he was “playing” a “gig” at “the O2” (ok, I’m being unnecessarily sarcastic with those quotation marks. Still, it doesn’t matter how much money O2 gave some developer, everyone in Dublin refers to it as the Point and will continue to do so for some time yet).

I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of popular culture, so this put me in my place. This fucker swans into the country dragging behind him a cortège of haircuts and I don’t have the first fucking idea who he is. How could this pop sensation pass me by completely?

I think what’s bothering me the most is that I’ve been forced to realise I’m old, and that the generation with the authority to decide what’s cool is no longer my generation. Also, I can no longer moan about having never heard of the people who turn up on Celebrity Big Brother.