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I had me an article published today. See here if you don’t believe me.

Ok, it’s the Indo. I realise most bloggers have some issues with this publication, what with their copy-n-paste approach to journalism and all. But they did right by me. Well, the subs kinda screwed me as they cut out most of it and diluted the point of the article (that being the debate within the industry if a protest will damage their position). Nonetheless, my name is in print. I’m still unemployed, and I’m not likely to get much money for the piece, but at least I can honesty say I’m a freelancer now.


I liked Looseville before it was cool to like Looseville

I’ve noticed that Alan Moloney’s rather tasty web comic has been getting some attention recently. Alan has previously sent some traffic my way with some links to me on his site. It’s a favour I’ve tried to return, but my contribution is likely to be blown out of the water now that Damien and the Indo has recognised his talents.

It is fantastic to see such a great site get the attention it deserves. Alan is also a rather nice guy, so I’m sure – despite his most recent cartoon – it’s not going to go to his head. Well done, horse. Keep up the good work.


Traffic explosion – thanks

Since I started this blog it has receive a very small level of traffic.  I have received approximately 6 visits daily, which I don’t think is unusual for a new blog. Twice before today I managed to attract 11 hits, which I was quite happy with. Even Arianna Huffington had to start somewhere.

As of 18:30, the number of hits I’ve received today is 43. Again, not a huge number in this arena, but it is a pretty huge jump. This is great stuff.

I can’t say with any certainty what caused this surge, but I can guess. I’m thinking that mentioning Cork in my last post was a factor. Cork people tend to be very responsive when it comes to their native county. However, I can only trace 3 WordPress refferals from the ‘Cork’ tag, and the post in question wasn’t the most visited page today.

Whatever the reason, I’m grateful. It’s really uplifting for me to know people are actually reading the crap I post here. Thanks, y’all!!!

Before ending this post, I must admit the horrible self-indulgence of talking about my own traffic. But fuck it, the whole blogging culture is borne of a habit of self-indulgence.