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As if I needed more reasons to dislike bankers

I was trying to get some cash to pay for my lunch today when my ATM card feel victim to the hunger of an AIB cashpoint. As soon as entered in the amount of money I wanted the screen flashed like a mad thing and a reboot thingy kicked it. Now as annoying as this is, it happens all the time and there’s no point in getting upset about it. What’s pissing me off, however, is the attitude of the woman in my local AIB branch in response to this incident.

I went to the nearest branch to ask if there’s any chance of me getting my card back. It didn’t seem to me to be too ridiculous to think somebody in AIB would have control over AIB ATMs, but it appears I was wrong. “We don’t have access to those machines,” she snapped. “It’s Securicor that’s does all that.” Fair enough, except I could have been told this without the What do you expect me to do about it attitude.

She then asked if I’m an AIB customer. When I said I’m not her eyes flashed and roll upwards slightly. She seemed to be thinking So you use our machines on us an then complain that they don’t work. This of course isn’t the first time I’ve experienced such insolence from bank staff (though it might be the worst). I accept it must be difficult listening to complaints every hour of every day (though I was perfectly polite and did nothing to agitate her). It wasn’t her fault a machine ate my card, it might not even be an AIB issue, but it certain wasn’t my fault. And I don’t appreciate attitude when at the very least I’m due an apology.

When I went to report the card missing at my bank (Bank of Ireland) the woman who dealt with me was in comparison highly pleasant and went to great lengths to ensure I wasn’t unduly affected by this. Still, I have to wait until Monday before I get a new card, and I’ll have to pay a fee for it. Ok, it’s only a fiver, but it’s my fiver and this wasn’t my fuck up.


New Lazer card

Bank of Ireland sent me a letter today (they actually sent in last week, but assuming it was just a statement I didn’t bother opening it until this morning) informing me that my ATM card is to be cancelled, making way for the fancy new lazer card contain within. I’m not sure I’m happy about this. I mean, the culture of banks offering services that people didn’t need or ask for is what got us all into to our current mess. But fuck it. If I don’t have to queue at ATMs when doing the Christmas shopping then who am I to complain.