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Lisbon and nutjobs

It seems Fianna Fáil’s Lisbon II campaign has begun in earnest. This I can tell as the FF press office has been cramming my inbox with spam since 7:00 yesterday evening. I suppose I should find this annoying, but in all honesty it’s kinda flattering that they apparently give a fuck about me. I even got an invite to this morning’s press conference launch with Cowen. I didn’t go. It wasn’t worth the trip, but it was nice to be asked.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this John Burke lad. He’s the cattleman (sounds like a rejected concept for a west Irish superhero) who’s suing the Taoiseach and the state as he claims a second referendum is unconstitutional. I can understand why Mr Burke might feel peeved, having (presumably) voted no only to be told he must have another go. Nonetheless, it’s ridiculous that this has reached the High Court. None of the articles I’ve read on this said if Burke has hired a solicitor or if he’s presenting the case himself, but he must have gotten some legal advice. Surely somebody in the know must have said this is a bad idea.

Now I’m no lawyer and my reading of the constitution has been brief at best, but surely there nothing in it that states a rejected constitutional reform cannot be tested again at a later date. The Constitution aside, precedent allows for a second vote.

There are hundreds of gobshites like John Burke out there infuriated by some perceived injustice. Aren’t there some mechanisms in place to prevent these guys from wasting the state’s resources?