Bus Eireann’s recession

I find myself contemplating Bus Eireann and their recent financial woes. This was brought on by a trip to Galway on Thursday, a quite a painful experience as it entails no less than three bus routes from where I live. To make things worse, every leg of the journey was filled to capacity. Literally every seat had an arse on it (in fact at one stage we were a little over-capacity, with a wailing infant making things ever more comfortable), which belies somewhat the drop in passenger numbers that is the causing Bus Eireann such grief.

Of course one can’t judge the entire operation based on one journey, and to be fair the buses were only about half full on the return leg. I don’t doubt that the company is in trouble. However, it seems to me that addressing a drop in passengers by raising their prices (among other things) is incredibly stupid. I want to believe that this company is not run by idiots, but they’re not making it easy. Every bus I encountered on my trip had a sign stating “Save €€€’s” stuck on it, pushing on us some sort of commuter ticket. Now, I’m not in a position to criticise other people’s grammar mistakes, but surely in company that at least two brain cells to rub together somebody would have said, “isn’t that a possessive apostrophe?”

1 Response to “Bus Eireann’s recession”

  1. 1 butlerowski
    August 24, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Bus eireann are the biggest cowboy operation in this state. If a private operator actually manages to get a licence to operate on a route where they are a monopoly, bus eireann have no hesitation in sending out extra buses, they are more punctual and they put on illegal “floater” buses that mysteriously appear from the mist when you are waiting for the other company, some drivers will even open the door and try to entice you in! They spend quite a considerable amount of money sending a bus up and down to Gort from Galway at unrostered times with maybe 5 people on board just to attempt to destroy the competitor, and let me tell you that as happenned last year, when the competitor does pull out, the price goes up, punctuality goes out the window somewhere between Limerick and Crusheen and you’re lucky if your sheduled bus arrives at all.
    Privatise the bastards, and until the government do this, to bring us into line with the rest of the EU just boycott them, they are not worth your money, and you are supporting the goverment! It is all the same. Support your private bus operators,they appreciate your custom and consider you a person who their business depends on.

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