Is it still worth trying?

Today’s “Media” supplement in the Guardian made for depressing reading. The splash was about graduate and trainee journalists, and how they’ve been left behind as this recession bites on newspapers (which, as we all know, have for years been on a downward spiral without need of an economic downturn).

I won’t repeat the article, it’s all hear, but I will agree that this is a loss not just to graduates but to the newspapers as well. A dynamic newsroom feeds from the energy of newcomers as well as the experience of the older journalists. I loved my brief spell at a national news-desk, and I particularly enjoyed the advice and guidance shown to me by one of our senior political writers, who seemed to take me under his wing.

As for what this mean for me personally, well, it might be best advised to give it up. It seems the death-notice for this industry has been long ago nailed to the door. Freelancing doesn’t cut it, I don’t think it ever did for an inexperienced journalist. Several well-meaning individuals have suggested I go for a change of career (PR as obviously been mentioned). However, I’m not letting go of the dream just yet. I’m a hack. I’ve been convinced for almost a decade now that this is my vocation, and it’s what I’ve worked for and committed myself to. I don’t think it’s time go give up on that just yet.

1 Response to “Is it still worth trying?”

  1. April 21, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Occasionally the hype gets to me and I start thinking that the newspaper industry is doomed, whatever about radio and television, but long term, I doubt it.

    The industry will change all right, but lets face it, what industry won’t? It will adapt, it may become unrecognisable, but it will survive.

    In the meantime, newspaper coverage will give you the impression that newspapers are uniquely affected, rather than just another victim of a recession that leads to fewer purchases and lower advertising.

    We can be a terribly introverted lot at times, and our coverage of ourselves is never truly objective.

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