Pat Kenny and Lisbon: get over it

Pat Kenny is on the radio right now suggesting that the EU may tell the government to go hang if we ask for a bail-out for the pig industry. The reason: our ungratefulness with the Lisbon vote.

It’s been well established that Kenny operates on such a petty level. His on-air sulking when the  vote was counted is proof of that. But if the EU can willingly let hundreds suffer as punishment for not voting the right way, well, we actually made the right choice.

I supported the treaty, I still do. But not for this. If I had thought it was a referendum was about letting Europe get it way or suffering the consequences, I would have voted no.


I got me a fluffly link from Damien. Thanks, man. Appreciated.

1 Response to “Pat Kenny and Lisbon: get over it”

  1. 1 tomorrin
    December 10, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    If the EU doesn’t pay up for the pork mess, it’s because there is no legal mechanism to do so, meanins we’d have to introduce one – it’s unprecendented that there would be a mass culling of livestock in the absence of an actual disease. So, ireland would have the option either doing a state aid bailout, which could be deducted from funding to the EU, or to create a precedent. Linking this to the Lisbon treaty is rather bizarre, and comes from someone who does not have a clue how Europe works, or think his audience is too stupid to know.

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