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Sweet dreams

I had an odd sex dream this morning that I’d like to share. Basically, I had gotten a job as some sort of researcher on The Last Word, and on my first day I seduced a colleague and took her behind a bank of computers to have my way with her. Poor Matt Cooper had to do a phone interview about the pork situation while distracted by me makin’ bacon in the corner.

After our coupulation – immediately after (at least he let us finish)  – an annoyed Matt lead the two of us to a meeting with Today FM’s managers.  I was about to make a passionate “fire me if you will but don’t blame the girl” speech, but I woke up. So I have no idea if my speech worked or if I was fired.

I’m not sure if this is meant to tell me something. Perhaps my subconscious is trying to advise me not to have sex with anyone on the first day of a new job, but that the kind of advice one shouldn’t need their subconscious to know. Maybe my mind is telling me about some goer working in Today FM that I might be interested in. Now that’s an interpretation I like.

The woman living next door to me is a well-know personality on Today FM. Maybe I should ask her what she thinks.


Sleeping in everyday: understandable or just laziness

I’ve just realised one small reason why I received so much traffic yesterday. It seems I got at least one hit from the search term “unemployed sleeping in everyday”.

This got me thinking about laziness and whether this is fostered when unemployed. Now I’m not saying this to brag, but this phenomenon hasn’t really factored in my unemployment. I’ve set my alarm for 7:00 so I can sleepily tune into Morning Ireland. I then get up properly at around nine or ten to read the news online and get a look-in on my favourite websites. Granted, I can end up doing this until late afternoon, but because of my career choice this would be still true if I were employed. Of course, there have been occasions when I just couldn’t get out of bed, and I do have a habit of sleeping on the weekends, but this I’m sure is equally true of you lucky people with jobs.

My brother, however, is a different kettle of fish. I visited home last weekend and I was quite shocked at his behaviour. My brother is a self-employed carpenter, so naturally this recession has hit him hard. He hasn’t had a job in weeks. Don’t feel too sorry for him, though. It’s largely his own fault. He’s a decent carpenter, but a stereotypical tradesman, the kind that you stay home all day for because he says he’ll show up but never does. With his reputation he didn’t need a recession to be out of work.

Anyway, he has developed a habit of sleeping in until afternoon everyday. I would occasionally assume he was out and about as I hadn’t seen him all day, only to realise he was still in bed. In one instance my younger brother needed a spin to town, so I suggested he phone the lazy brother to ask if he could come home to do it. “What do you mean? He’s in bed,” came the reply. This was 2:00pm.

When the lazy brother was awoken and informed what time it was, he declared, “Jesus, don’t say I slept until 2.” Not that this apparant shock spurred him to do anything about it. He stood in bed for another hour.

People who have lost their job have perhaps earned the right to be lazy and sleep in on occasion. But we need to strike a balance. We need to find something to motivate us to get out of bed (this is partly why I started this blog). Otherwise, we’re just letting it defeat us.

Hope you can find something to do. Peace out, Damien.