In this post, I try to get sued by Declan Ganley

It seems that the bauld Ganley is planning to sue RTE over last Thursday’s Prime Time show, in which his business actions were investigated. This is on top of threats to sue Labour’s Joe Costello and seemingly hollow talk of taking action against Colm Keena and The Irish Times.

I did manage to catch Prime Time on Thursday, and I don’t recall anything in it that was particularly damaging. All allegations were address by Ganley in the show itself, or were already well documented and in the public domain. Admittedly, I wasn’t really paying attention. The only part I took interest in was the John McGuirk interview where he was made to look like a fool (this made me happy, as McGuirk is an individual I’ve had the displeasure of meeting prior to his Libertas career).

Allow me to state my opinion on Declan Ganley; he really needs to piss the fuck off. He made a name for himself in amateur politics during the Lisbon Treaty campaign, and did very well for himself. Bully for him. But his 15 minutes are up and he needs to get back to whatever Galway bog-mansion he owns.

Libertas’ campaign during the treaty was one of mistruths and disinformation. For instance, I attended a Libertas public meeting in Ranelagh in which he claimed the treaty if in enacted would assume superiority over the Irish constitution. When I rudely interrupted to ask where in the treaty that was stated, he pointed to an article that perscribed highly qualified scenarios to which national constitutions may be unsuited. I don’t remember exactly what these were, but is certainly wasn’t the scary super-constitution stuff he made it out to be.

He also made much of the EU’s arrogance and cynicism in trying to trick us to accept the treaty. In fairness, he had a point here. There was something horribly high-minded and undemocratic about the way Europe tried to push the treaty on us. But this alone does not mean the treaty was a bad idea, and he was conspicuously silent when Coir (who managed to be even bigger pricks that Libertas) were knowingly telling lies about European super armies and microchipped babies.

But that was then, and he got his way. So why is he still on my telly. In his defence, there has undoubtedly been an effort by The Irish Times and RTE to highlight the ‘controversies’ over this finances. But he’s partly to blame for this for his superficial adherence to campaign funding regulations. It’s time for him fuck off home. He’s the most insignificant successful political activist this country has ever seen. He does not speak for anyone but himself. His objections to the treaty were self-serving. Mr Ganley, you know you’ve never acted in anyone’s interest but your own. Please go away.

In the meantime, here are some facts about Ganley you may not have heard. Declan Ganley has a bizarre leather fetish. He is directly to blame for my joblessness. Prior to the campaign, he spent only three weeks a year in Galway. As a child, he longed for Gargamel to kill the Smurfs. He is bald, which scientists have link to impotence. He has never satisfied a woman. He has attended donkey shows. And if he reads this post he isn’t going to sue me.

2 Responses to “In this post, I try to get sued by Declan Ganley”

  1. December 21, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    I would not be surprised if the eventual platform of Libertas resembles American conservativeism of the Republican Party USA, especially Reaganism-Thatcherism. First of all, the economic policies of Ronald Reagan was one of “trickle down,” which is about tax breaks for largely wealthy businesses and corporations. The notion followed that tax breaks to businesses would cause them to hire more people. WRONG! Reagan was all about busting up unions and undermining the interests of the “little guy” in the Middle Class, the guy that actually works for a living and spends his money in the American economy. The American economy is in trouble largely because of the effects of 25+ years of Reaganomics, which ignores the role of working people in the American economy.

    Well, the reason why Ganley does not give a crap about you is that his ideological associations have a history of leaving the working man out to dry as they deregulate and “trickle down” for the benefit of the wealthy and corporations. I suspect they this ilk wants to import Reagan-Thatcherism, American conservatives to the European continent though the Libertas group. NO – they don’t give a crap about YOU or other working European citizens and they will seek to dismantle European social rights, human rights, and especially maintain the dominance of NATO in European security and defense policy. They will also probably claim “taxpayer concerns over Brussels spending” – also from the old Reagan-Thatcher playbook..

    Now, there is no direct evidence, but the ideological constellations between the Reagan-Thracherites in the Heritage Foundation, the Thatcher Centre for Freedom, the Brussels Journal, and the crackpot Czech President Vaclav Klaus, and British euroskeptics are lining up against the Lisbon Treaty. While Libertas does not make it clear why it actually opposes Lisbon, we can check the groups associations with people like Klaus, who is associated with those that support Reaganism. It is not an accident that Ganley entertained Klaus, and was the only one that welcomed this crank to Ireland. This crank will also pull a page out of the American conservative book by running around Europe and accuse those of us that oppose him and the “Libertas freedom fighters” of being “anti-freedom” and “Soviet communists.”

    The reality is that the majority of those that voted “no” in the Irish referendum did so because they did not have enough information, or understanding of the Lisbon Treaty — no other reason is valid…The activities of Ganly and Libertas are the destruction of the European Union, the rights of European citizens, and to protect NATO from the irrelevance that the Atlantic Alliance REAL is at in the post-Cold War world!

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