Trade unions and Ryanair, not very likely

So it looks like Michael O’Leary is going to reinstate the Shannon-Heathrow link if Ryanair’s merger with Aer Lingus is successful. He’s also going to recognise the trade unions at Aer Lingus.

Details here
This sounds like scam to me, much like the fictitious prices on Ryanair adverts. He’s just telling us what we want to hear. The Michael O’Leary I know would sooner get into bed with Joe Higgins (in a literal sense) than permit his employees membership of a union. Now my flatmate points out that he would be required honour his promise now that he’s gone on record, but I’m not convinced. This is the man who shamelessly ripped off Munster fans who’d already paid for their tickets.

Aer Lingus is far from the best transnational carrier out there, but it’s not the worst either. And I for one would like to see their service protected (if improved a little). Now it’s clear that Aer Lingus has been severely mismanaged since it was privatised. These are the guys who tried to replace their cabin-crew with outsourced contractors with no personal investment in the company, and continued to sell itself as the airline that knows it’s the little things that make your flight enjoyable. Some sort of restucturing before the company is run into the ground is welcome. But is Ryanair really the answer? This is the airline that made its name by providing an openly shite service for next to nothing (even if “next to nothing” actually means five times what they say they’re charging). Surely we can do better for our national carrier.

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