New Lazer card

Bank of Ireland sent me a letter today (they actually sent in last week, but assuming it was just a statement I didn’t bother opening it until this morning) informing me that my ATM card is to be cancelled, making way for the fancy new lazer card contain within. I’m not sure I’m happy about this. I mean, the culture of banks offering services that people didn’t need or ask for is what got us all into to our current mess. But fuck it. If I don’t have to queue at ATMs when doing the Christmas shopping then who am I to complain.

1 Response to “New Lazer card”

  1. December 19, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    I rang up the financial regulator about this point as I wasn’t too happy about the fait a complit that arrived in my door either. However, the laser card doesn’t change your basic service that you contracted when issued with the first ATM card. The card only incurs extra cost if used as a laser card in a shop so they aint breaking no laws.

    Their chirpy tones irk me any time I get a letter from them changing things without asking customers safe in the knowledge that they know best and are acting in my interest.

    On this point it seems all is legit tho.

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